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about the man.

My name is Amaar Abouelghar (Arabic for Caveman, or so they say) and I am not just a designer.

I have a beating passion for delivering businesses to their target customers with a strategic approach. I utilize the latest digital trends to ensure that your business is at the forefront of its respective industry, visually and conceptually.


the digital caveman.

Much like a business these days, cavemen had to figure things out for themselves to survive back then. It was a process of trial, error, learn, repeat. These are the true pillars of experience, in any field.

Think of this portfolio as the drawings & writings on the wall of an ancient cave. Documenting the experience of a caveman, except this experience, is fully digital.

  • Find the right name and slogan for your business.

  • Write creative content that engages your customers and make your business stand out in a competitive market.

  • Create a visual identity that empowers your vision and truly captures your target audience.

  • Develop brand applications that suit the nature of your business, strengthen your brand exposure and help you generate more sales.

  • Create a strategic digital presence for your business through dynamic, mobile-friendly websites.

  • Develop engaging rich content for all your digital channels.

  • Plan and execute fully-fledged digital campaigns with clear measurable targets to increase your sales or enhance your digital presence.


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