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Allow me to use this section to let you in on my secret for success; my super power; Adapting & Adopting. Under that superpower, falls all the professional and personal skills required to excel in any line of work.


Adapting is being able to fit and become a part of a place/situation that is alien to you. It requires commitment, fast-learning, team-work and good communication skills to cope with such changes.

However, just fitting in is never my goal; and this is where Adopting comes into play. Adopting is making something yours and being able to impact it by adding your personal touch. To leave a mark on a situation you were once an alien to requires impressive leadership and problem solving skills

For example, Adapting is switching from an all-Arabic to an all-English school curriculum in the last two years of high school. Adopting is tutoring students in Arabic class and graduating with honors.


Adapting is moving from a Production House to the highly corporate environment of a Financial Centre. Adopting is saving your company at least 60% of digital and print marketing costs by introducing the concept of In-house Design; which you’ve gained from previously working at a production house.


Just like art; success is a process of “creative recycling”; a harmonious synchronization between past experience and modern standards. This is the foundation of my superpower; so I guess in a way; I am Art.


I design, develop and launch digital solutions that will change the way you work.


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